25 ANCHOR Pearl Cotton Balls. Size 8 (85 Meters each)

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SUITABLE FOR Crocheted Edgings, Tatting, Sating Stitch, Cross Stitching, Scrap-booking, Stamping, Punch Needle Work, Candlewicking, Quilting, Embroidery, Crocheted lace, Crochet Flowers, other crochet works, knitted lace, knitted bead bags, held with a component yarn. It can be used on Aida and hemp.


25 Anchor  Pearl Cotton (or Perle` Cotton)

The thread is strong and durable, Fast colours. Carefully selected for all kinds of projects

Brand :  Anchor

Quantity: 25 Balls.
Material: 100% Pure Cotton (Perle’ Cotton).
Tex Size: No. 8.
Quantity per Ball: 10 gms. / 85 Meters Approx. per ball in length
Colours: 25  Brand New shades
Manufacturer : J & P COATS

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Weight 600 kg